Friday 5 August 2016

Virtual C.F.O. for "Start-Ups"

The concept of Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O) is well known to most of us. The C.F.O of an organization is the most important link between the Board of Directors/ Top management of a company and the finance department. The C.F.O is not just expected to be excellent in financial management and control but also a person with good business acumen. He is expected not just to expose the weak areas and problems in the financial department but also to provide solutions and fill in the gaps which are exposed. The solutions provided by him should not just be theoretical, but must also be practical. This is where a C.F.O. must understand the business well enough to provide the right solution. In short a C.F.O. is someone every organization requires right from incorporation. But can all organizations afford a capable and well qualified C.F.O.? The answer to that question is no in most cases. One of the main reasons being start ups and small set ups (growing businesses) are not in a position to afford to pay a fat salary cheque to a C.F.O. at the end of each month. The other reason being these ambitious yet small business houses do not have the best infrastructure to fit in a person with such huge caliber to be called a C.F.O.
There emerges the concept of Virtual C.F.O.  As the word suggests virtual means “not physically existing”, which means our C.F.O. will be invisible. No, we are not using the magical watch of Mr. India to turn our CFO invisible. We are practically shifting the cabin of a CFO outside the organizations office. The CFO will never be seen in office, yet his presence shall be felt by everyone. The virtual CFO shall design, control, initiate and also provide consultancy and advisory related to the financial management. Today with the advent of information technology the very requirement of an office has been challenged. Everything is online, web-based and information is available at the click of a button. We use this very tool of information technology to enable our clients at Kedar Laghate & Associates, to offer the services of a virtual CFO. We design our client’s information technology systems in such a way that the necessary information starts rolling out at the click of a button. A business head who is not tech-savy or does not have any knowledge of accounting shall also be able to extract all the important and required information from the accounting system. We design certain reporting formats which shall be generated on timely basis for the management to help them in making business decisions. The management can also interact with the virtual CFO online through chat mode and get their specific queries resolved. Our chat windows are open to queries which are answered by qualified professionals sitting in our office or elsewhere. All this and much more can be achieved without the physical presence of a CFO, thus saving a huge amount of money and space of the organization. 


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